Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This past weekend my brother-in-law Mike competed in the IRONMAN! I never really realized How long and how hard people work to get to this, and then to finish it until now. To start, the competitors have to wake up super early (as well as Sean and I), about 4:00 early. Then they start at 6:45 am in a cold lake and swim for 2.4 miles, then the wet suit strippers help them get out of their suits fast to make it on their bike as quick as possible.

The bike trail is 112 miles and a lot of it being uphill.

Then to finish off they run a marathon distance which is 26.2 miles.

And 15.5 hours-ish we see Mike cross the finish line!!! We are so proud of Mike!!! You are an IRONMAN!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Officially an Interior Designer!!!

As you know, I started school 4 years ago to get my degree in Interior Design. Well I am DONE!!!! Last Thursday night was my school's portfolio event. Above is how my display turned out. I'm not usually proud of much, but I am proud of myself for finishing and learning so much these past 4 years.