Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been pretty terrible about keeping up on my blog. So here are some things to catch up to speed with now.

My friend Caitlin and I LOVE throwing bake sales to raise money for others in need- The first one we did was for Breast cancer research. We have another Bake sale scheduled for next month, for a friend of mine that lost her husband to cancer a few months ago, and is now left with a TON of medical bills and two little ones on the way!

Next Sean and I went to Lake Powell which was a blast!! This was Sean's first time, and I have to say he did awesome with all the water sports.We were also able to go to my beautiful cousin Alissa's wedding down there, and we were able to spend a day with Sean and I's best friend's, Kalynn and Tome!!

On fourth of July weekend we went to Sean's brother's house to watch fireworks, and our niece Ella got baptized!

Finally, I have been a sewing fiend lately. I have found any excuse to sew something, of course I updated my throw pillows. I also recovered a baby bouncer- which I didn't take a picture of; (but I should have) it turned out FABULOUS!!! I have also been into party planning things lately one event I have coming up is a Twilight themed Bridal shower... pics to come!

So that is us recently, I promise I will try and be better about blogging!

With love!