Friday, March 13, 2009

TODAY is FRIDAY!!!!!!!

First thing is that I LIVE for fridays!!!!

Over the years I have grown to appreciate the weekends... now that we are slowly becoming... well trying to become grown ups, we go to our jobs everyday and whenever I get home I am SO mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. With that being said I have come to realize that weekends are the BEST!!!!! 

My feelings about days of the week:

Sunday: Happy because it's part of the weekend, but still bummed because that means that the next day is Monday.

Monday: Not so fun- start the work/school week all over again, and never have any time to relax...

Tuesday: Well "I love tuesdays"... thanks to kalynn. 

Wednesday: My long day 7 am till 10 pm away from home. Enough said. But at least I can say "tomorrow I can say tomorrow is Friday!"

Thursday: Not too bad, it has become tradition that on Thursday mornings and nights I always say "tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!"

Friday: I'm super happy on this day because that means that it's practically the weekend so work goes by pretty fast... once I'm off work I am on cloud 9!!!! I love fridays.... because it's the weekend which means- time for some R & R and lots off nuggling with the hubby!!!


Sunday: Not TOO bad, even if the next day is Monday we can still sleep in....

and from that the week starts over...

SO I am happy to say TODAY is FRIDAY, which means the weekend is NOW!!!

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