Saturday, May 22, 2010


It is amazing to see what the body can do!! Last night Sean and I had the opportunity to go see the Cirque de Soleil production: Alegria.

When we went to the muse concert in April they double booked our tickets so we didn't have seats- we got the floor. So we were pretty mad about that so Sean called ticket master to get our money back, when they said they wouldn't, Sean was going to talk to someone up in corp.- so then he got transferred to someone who gave us cirque tickets for free!!! The show was AMAZING!!!

My friend from work (Jill) and her brother went with us. We saw trapeze artists, a fire-man (hot, literally), contortionists, this cool guy-inside-a-metal-ring thing, and amazing gymnasts. And I really liked all of the sparkly outfits!! Now I just want to save up my money to go see some of their other productions!!

It was fun to feel like a kid again!


Alissa said...

How fun for you and Sean! :)

Ali said...

That sounds so fun! I'm so glad you went! I want to see the Beatles show they are doing in Vegas. I miss you guys!