Thursday, February 17, 2011


So it has been quite a long time since I have last posted. The reason is because all I do is work. I work in Salt Lake and live in Provo so my schedule used to be as follows:

Wake up at 5:40
leave for work at 6:10 ish
get to work at 7:00
leave work at 2:30
get home at3:30
work from home till 5:00
pick up Sean from work
Come home, make dinner
Clean up from dinner

And it starts all over again.

So as you can imagine I was getting really tired of just working. So I talked to my new boss to see if I could work less hours, and luckily he was sympathetic to my pretty pathetic case, so now I am working 4 less hours a week. It may not seem like a lot, but it makes a big difference. I am now able to work out- thank goodness because endorphins = happy Lisa. I am now also working on some baby products that I make so that in a few months I can open up an Etsy shop, and sell some of my stuff! I will be doing something I enjoy, and will (hopefully) be able to make money from it. And maybe if I'm lucky I will get to read a book, not just listen to it, but actually read the words off of the pages... I don't want to get too crazy, but hopefully I can make it happen. So hopefully this will be a new stepping stone to get out of this rut I have been stuck in, and I can get back to loving life!


Neil and Roxy said...

Good for you Lisa! I am so excited to see your baby items you are making:) Yay for Lisa time!

KaraLynne and Andy said...

sounds like you guys go to bed pretty early..... :0)

Tyler and Karisa said...

Glad to see you back to blogging. :) It stinks when you get so busy that you don't even get "me" time. That's important for your sanity! I can't wait to see/hear about what you can find to do during your few hours relaxing/enjoying yourself. :)

Tome and Kalynn said...

Yay endorphins!! I'm so excited to see some of the baby stuff you make!