Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting caught up!

As you know it has been quite a while (over a year) since my last update, so I will tell you about our new fun life! Sean graduated school in April, with the plan that he would be working at Yahoo! Well as things never go as you expect them to. Some things had happened with Yahoo! that we weren't too pleased- bad communication, etc. We were scheduled to move in July 1st with Sean starting at Yahoo! on July 9th. We got to California on a Sunday (the 1st). The next day Sean  had an interview at another company Cloudera, things went well and he got an offer from that company on Wednesday. Sean started work at Cloudera on July 9th- and he LOVES it! I'm so happy that he is working at a job he loves! I am also loving working at home, doing home stuff. I would have probably gotten a job, but we only have one car so that tends to make transportation a little difficult! But the house we moved into wasn't in great condition so that has been keeping me busy. I have been wanting to do a lot of projects as well but didn't have time when I was working/driving so much in Utah, and now I have time! It got a little lonely at home and we knew for a long that we would get a dog as soon as we could so we did! We adopted a dog! Her name is Margo. She is a Border Collie mix about 8 months old and we just love her!! That is pretty much what we're up to now, I promise I will be better about posting updates in the future!

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Neil and Roxy said...

Yay for Sean getting a job that he loves! I bet you are loving Cali! ow fun to have a puppy, as you know we love dogs! Good luck with the house I am sure it will turn out amazing with your mad skills, love and miss you guys!